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Deleted File Recovery Software

Easy Drive Data Recovery can be obtained for free from our website in order to try out the program’s features... After the download, recovering files through Easy Drive Data Recovery’s easy-to-use interface, makes it easy to specify where you want to recover data from... All files will be shown in the preview window, so you can decide for yourself which files you want to “resurrect”... Be sure to check this deleted file recovery software first as it’s crucially important... Everything must be checked ahead and once you buy something, you acknowledge that this is really what you want and that the program will work on your computer...


Restore Deleted Files

Many of us have encountered data loss... This problem is quite common and it’s becoming more and more common the more information we tend to store on our hard drives... It’s so easy to accidentally delete data or to lose it because of software problems... How many times have you seen that dreadful blue screen of death, rebooted your system but just to realize that all your data is gone?..


Retrieving Deleted Files

All modern data storage devices have a common stumbling block: you risk to lose your data and then you’ll have to face deleted file retrieval... Files can be lost for different reasons, from just pressing the wrong key to hardware and software failures... Information loss can cost big money, not to mention time and stress, so we understand the urgency of those wondering, “How do I retrieve deleted files?.. ” First thing to remember is that if it’s just software failure, meaning that physically data is still in one piece but just cannot be accessed by usual means, there’s no need to panic as there are some special tools that can help you deal with the problem... They are data recovery programs and there are many types on the market... Some of them are file-specific, some are more versatile, some are freeware and some are shareware so you have to choose wisely...


Recover Deleted Files Windows 7

The situation when you need to recover deleted files is a true disaster... What do you do when you desperately need to recover deleted files Windows 7 doesn’t see?.. The common belief is that formatting your disk is a permanent death sentence for the data on their hard drives... Not true!..


How to Recover Shift-Deleted Files

The simple user interface makes it easy to see just what exactly Easy Drive Data Recovery can recover, and the file recovery process itself is both quicker and gives better results than competing programs... It’s reported that even manual recovery cannot do the job better than the program and, what’s quite important, you don’t get any additional costs, you pay only once and receive free updates and free technical support for as long as you wish, the license doesn’t expire... The program can always be downloaded from MunSoft’s website for free and tested prior to the actual recovery process... This is great when you’re not sure the program will work... It’s always better to make sure beforehand than spend money on a useless program... So go ahead and try to recover shift-deleted files with the help of our wonderful software!..



Easy Drive Data Recovery

DOS deleted files can be recovered... Easy Drive Data Recovery is a data recovery software product, aimed at data recovery of deleted or otherwise lost files that haven’t been damaged... Formatting hard drives, system reinstalling, breaking the flash drives can be the reason of losing data... In any of these cases Easy Drive Data Recovery can provide one of the top data recovery software solutions on the market... It incorporates a special algorithm, called Raw Search, which allows searching for almost a 100 file types and the program works with all types of storage devices, as long as they are recognized... If the hard drive has been formatted or the OS has been reinstalled, it’s not hopeless as it may seem... Even from formatted drives, even in places where there seems to be nothing left to get, data recovery is still possible... If the file information is no longer in the file system, there’s a chance that data can be restored... The program recovers maximum possible data and works with file systems such as FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS... This means that flash drives and memory cards are supported as well... Damaged storage devices are supported (if the device is recognized by the program) and the amount of recoverable data can be determined upon looking at the preview that shows the files and their contents... Our data recovery software is available for a free download, as a trial version so that a potential user could see whether the files are recoverable in advance...

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Easy PowerPoint Recovery

A perfect software solution that can recover PowerPoint files, deleted, formatted or damaged... It doesn’t matter where the slides were stored, on a hard drive, a flash drive, a memory card or any other type of data carrier... Easy PowerPoint Recovery uses the most effective data search algorithms that recover presentations practically as wonderfully as a data recovery specialist who performs the recovery manually... If a presentation has been deleted, then, after choosing the hard drive that that contains the deleted files, the program will find all the slides, no matter which PowerPoint version they were created in... A preview can be used to determine which files exactly need to be restored... Easy PowerPoint Recovery almost always, whenever possible, except extremely difficult cases, preserves the structure of the document... The format, the order of the slides and the images are all restored as they were in the original document... While working with deleted files, the program attempts to recover PowerPoint slides in full, recovering as many as possible...

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Easy NTFS Data Recovery

DOS deleted files can be recovered... The core of the program is Raw Search—a technology that searches for files based on the information about their structure... So even if the files are inaccessible by Windows, they can still be recovered... Files, deleted from the Recycle Bin, including shift-deleted files, can be brought back too... The program was built specifically for NTFS... Recover files with its help, even those deleted in DOS or located on corrupted hard drives with NTFS file system...

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