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Easy NTFS Data Recovery

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Easy NTFS Data Recovery is a tool for successful NTFS recovery, the file system that is usually used on hard drives. This is a perfect opportunity to save some money if you don’t have drives with FAT file system, only NTFS. The program works on Windows operating systems and fully supports Unicode. Formatted hard drives, reinstalled OS, virus attacks or accidental deletion are the most common reasons for data loss and the program deals with all of them gracefully.

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In order to recover NTFS, the only thing that has to be done is downloading the program and letting it scan for files. The hard drive must be visible in the system and the preview will show how many files can be recovered, what are they and their actual contents. The preview indicates the probability of recovery and the Recovery Wizard shows how it’s done with instructions on the screen. The found file can be filtered by size, date and recovery status. The size of the scanned drive doesn’t matter, large ones are supported, although, need to be allowed a little more time to be scanned.

The core of the program is Raw Search—a technology that searches for files based on the information about their structure. So even if the files are inaccessible by Windows, they can still be recovered. Files, deleted from the Recycle Bin, including shift-deleted files, can be brought back too.

The program was built specifically for NTFS. Recover files with its help, even those deleted in DOS or located on corrupted hard drives with NTFS file system.


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