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Easy Drive Data Recovery

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Easy Drive Data Recovery is a data recovery software product, aimed at data recovery of deleted or otherwise lost files that haven’t been damaged. Formatting hard drives, system reinstalling, breaking the flash drives can be the reason of losing data. In any of these cases Easy Drive Data Recovery can provide one of the top data recovery software solutions on the market. It incorporates a special algorithm, called Raw Search, which allows searching for almost a 100 file types and the program works with all types of storage devices, as long as they are recognized.

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It possesses an intuitively understandable interface and a Recovery Wizard which guides through the whole recovery process. Even for someone who is not very computer literate and who has to ask: “What is data recovery software anyway?”, using the program won’t be complicated, as everything is written on the screen. The only things that need to be done are to choose the drives to scan and then to specify the path for recovered files.

If the hard drive has been formatted or the OS has been reinstalled, it’s not hopeless as it may seem. Even from formatted drives, even in places where there seems to be nothing left to get, data recovery is still possible. If the file information is no longer in the file system, there’s a chance that data can be restored. The program recovers maximum possible data and works with file systems such as FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS. This means that flash drives and memory cards are supported as well. Damaged storage devices are supported (if the device is recognized by the program) and the amount of recoverable data can be determined upon looking at the preview that shows the files and their contents. Our data recovery software is available for a free download, as a trial version so that a potential user could see whether the files are recoverable in advance.

The quality of the recovered files is guaranteed and it is as good as manual recovery, only with Easy Drive Data Recovery it can be performed automatically in the comfort of one’s home.


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With your software, I recovered 98% of my data (mainly photos that I really wanted). Easy Drive Data Recovery has succeeded where other programs remained sterile. Thank you very much and continue to also create good products.

Francois Meuniera

Very good software, worth paying the price 'cause I was able to recover 600 photos (SD memory card broken). I can't thank you enough :)

M-Charlotte Nahé

Is the best investment I've made in a while. It's great way to recover your files.

Jorge Martin Insa

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