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How to Recover Shift-Deleted Files

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Even with the amount of important data we keep on our hard drives, we often don’t think about how to protect them until it’s too late. This “lateness” can happen anytime, most likely when you least expect. How frustrating it is to lose valuable files! Most users know that files can be recovered, even after deletion from the Recycle Bin. But how? And does it always work? When the Shift key is pressed, files don’t end up in the Recycle Bin, they are deleted, and, seemingly, with no chance of recovery. This isn’t true, however, even shift deleted files can be recovered. For those wondering how to recover Shift-deleted files, our answer is that you need help of a high-quality, well-made program.

A prior bad experience with a poorly made program might turn you away from the whole idea of file recovery—but there are good solutions out there. You don’t have to wonder how to recover shift-deleted files, or how successful the software will be: the makers of Easy Drive Data Recovery, the most advanced recovery program, are confident in their software’s capabilities. They’re so confident that you can try the software before you buy it, and even recover a file of your choice. Their confidence comes from the almost 100 supported file formats and file recovery of any type of storage. There’s also a pleasant feature in the program that recovers even broke file system entries and restores as much data as possible. The preview makes all the recoverable files visible and the filter options by size, date created and recovery status let you choose the ones that you need to recover first.

The simple user interface makes it easy to see just what exactly Easy Drive Data Recovery can recover, and the file recovery process itself is both quicker and gives better results than competing programs. It’s reported that even manual recovery cannot do the job better than the program and, what’s quite important, you don’t get any additional costs, you pay only once and receive free updates and free technical support for as long as you wish, the license doesn’t expire. The program can always be downloaded from MunSoft’s website for free and tested prior to the actual recovery process. This is great when you’re not sure the program will work. It’s always better to make sure beforehand than spend money on a useless program. So go ahead and try to recover shift-deleted files with the help of our wonderful software!

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