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The situation when you need to recover deleted files is a true disaster. What do you do when you desperately need to recover deleted files Windows 7 doesn’t see? The common belief is that formatting your disk is a permanent death sentence for the data on their hard drives. Not true! There’s a way that may not be so obvious to everyone but still it’s not too hard to figure out, especially after reading this article. Clearly, we’re talking about data recovery software.

Easy Drive Data Recovery is one of the finest examples of professional data recovery software. While being professional, it’s simple interface allows even the least experienced computer newbies to use it. You don’t have to know how to code in order to take all you can from the program. Developed by MunSoft, it can recover over 90 different types of Windows files. Raw Search, the technology in the core of the program, locates files using known file structures, so even if your file is all over the hard drive, it can be patched up and pieced back together, providing that none of its parts have been overwritten because overwriting means true death to files. While the hard disk can suffer damage, the data stays physically on the disk until it gets overwritten by new information, that’s why it’s important not to write anything on the disk after the data loss. The program’s one-of-a-kind recovery methods can retrieve your data even in case of a severely damaged file system. It doesn’t matter which type of storage you want to recover data from—a chance to recover deleted files in Windows 7 doesn’t depend on the file’s location.

In order to recover deleted files Windows 7 users can even try Easy Drive Data Recovery before they buy. There’s a preview feature and it’s accessible in the trial version as well. After disk scanning, the program shows a window with the contents of all found files. The program allows a user to recover one file as a “test run”. Using some program is always easier than reading about it, so download a free copy of Easy Drive Data Recovery from our website right now and don’t wait to try and recover your precious files!

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