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Format Recovery

There’s one great thing for all users—trial recovery... You can recover one file in the test version of the program and preview every other file you have left on the hard drive if you need format recovery... The utility is only helpless if you overwrite files and replace them with new but you’re smart enough now, after reading this article, to avoid overwriting or any other activity on the drive... Needless to say that the recovered files must be saved on another hard drive or storage medium...


Recover Files after Format

Easy Drive Data Recovery—one of the most in-depth programs to recover formatted files... The program is the leader in its class and easily recovers any text, graphics, and binary files in FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems... Nearly all the most common file formats are supported and all types of storage media can be recovered... A well thought-out, simple and logical interface allows both beginners and IT professionals to confidently use the program to recover files after format events... So whether you are too experienced or have no experience at all, the program can help you anyway and you won’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to make it work... Easy Drive Data Recovery supports around 100 file formats for recovery...


Deleted File Recovery

“Can deleted files be recovered?.. ” “Is it even possible to recover all that I’ve lost?.. ” These questions are on the mind of many users who have suffered data loss... With the storage of so many documents on hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and other devices, these questions are growing more and more important...


Recover Deleted Files Windows 7

The situation when you need to recover deleted files is a true disaster... What do you do when you desperately need to recover deleted files Windows 7 doesn’t see?.. The common belief is that formatting your disk is a permanent death sentence for the data on their hard drives... Not true!..


Recover Deleted Data

One thing you should know first is that there are two ways to recover data, manual and automatic... Manual means taking your computer to a service center where they will try to restore your files... Automatic means finding a good program that can do the task for you in the comfort of your own house... Knowing the wide variety of data loss types and causes, MunSoft has specially created Easy Drive Data Recovery... This software can recover files and these are not just empty words, it really works and its proprietary techniques can restore about a 100 different formats... The core algorithm searches and locates even files without any information about them stored in the file system...



Easy Excel Recovery

deleted documents recovery... The program has a full preview which lets a user see the files and their contents prior to the actual recovery... For Excel files, multiple sheets can be previewed... Right after the scanning or after opening the Excel file in the program, the preview shows the data and if it’s there, then the file can be recovered... Maximum possible information that can be restored is extracted by Easy Excel Recovery, making it a stand-out program that has the capacity of restoring even hopeless files... Although if there’s no data left, or if the format of the file doesn’t correspond with the data that’s inside, the recovery can’t be guaranteed... However, this is an exception, most cases are recoverable... Not only damaged files can be restored but deleted data as well... Even if the storage device was formatted, damaged or suffered a virus attack, the data can still be restored as long as the information is physically present on the disk and is not yet overwritten... When searching for deleted files, the scan covers the whole hard drive or flash drive and performs the Excel recovery... The files can be stored in parts in different sectors of the drive but the program puts all the data pieces back together...

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Easy ZIP Recovery

Damaged and deleted ZIP-archives can now be recovered in a couple of mouse clicks!.. With Easy ZIP Recovery it’s not important where the files were stored, on hard drive or on flash drive, data can be easily brought back even if the storage device was formatted... Using one-of-a-kind algorithms that have no counterpart whatsoever, Easy ZIP Recovery works more effectively and faster, recovering even those files that the file system has no information about... damaged ZIP-files can be recovered... a possibility to recover files larger than 4GB...

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Easy Mail Recovery

Easy Mail Recovery is a special program that lets anyone recover deleted emails, as well as damaged and corrupted Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express files... It also recovers notes and contacts from Outlook... The device that the lost emails are located on can be reformatted, broken or damaged, nothing is an obstacle for the recovery... Severely damaged email databases can be scanned and maximum possible data will be recovered... The program supports PST and DBX files of Microsoft Outlook... Easy Mail Recovery can recover one of the most important types of documents: mail and contacts... Sometimes lives can be at stake if the information in the emails is lost... Knowing how to recover deleted email messages can be crucially important for career... Bringing the lost or damaged email data back safe and sound is extremely easy with Easy Mail Recovery, as it turns out... deleted message databases can be found and recovered...

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