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How many times have you formatted your hard drive or any other storage device? If you have done it at least once then you know what a nuisance it may be to format all your files because they’re supposedly going to vanish once you format. Is it really true? The times when you have to deal with reinstalling your operating system usually require formatting and the OS tells you that all your data will be erased in the process. It sounds like a nightmare and most of the time we have no choice but to format and say goodbye to all our files. But in fact, there’s one thing that you must know: even if you format all your data will still be intact until you overwrite it. So if you format and then stop all the activity on the hard drive, you won’t lose anything. On the other hand, you won’t be able to access any of your files by usual means. This shouldn’t scare you, however, as there are certain solutions for format recovery and one of them we are going to describe next.

The name of the utility we want to tell you about is Easy Drive Data Recovery. It’s created by MunSoft, an acclaimed data recovery software developer, whose main goal is to provide steady data recovery solutions to all kinds of users, from pros to inexperienced. The expertise of the company has allowed them to create a series of ultimate tools for all kinds of data loss situations, including format recovery and many other. Easy Drive Data Recovery works with all kinds of storage carriers, you may name any manufacturer and it won’t be a problem. The algorithms allow recognizing files by their structural content and that’s why there is a 100 file types available for recovery. Most of your files fit into that hundred, for sure.

There’s one great thing for all users—trial recovery. You can recover one file in the test version of the program and preview every other file you have left on the hard drive if you need format recovery. The utility is only helpless if you overwrite files and replace them with new but you’re smart enough now, after reading this article, to avoid overwriting or any other activity on the drive. Needless to say that the recovered files must be saved on another hard drive or storage medium. These simple precautions will save more of your files. The program does not show the unrecoverable files so you won’t be confused if you use the trial version. Download it now to test and if you’re satisfied, feel free to purchase the key to save your files.

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