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Many have encountered the problem of needing to recover files after format. It usually happens when you want to reinstall the operating system. During the reinstall, it asks you to format the disk and you have to obey. Or, for instance, after a virus attack it’s most advisable to format the hard drive so that all the data would be gone, along with the destructive bits of viruses. For most users, the entire disk contents appear to be blank after formatting; they think that the old data is lost forever. But the data is not erased—in most cases, it’s still there. The difference is that it cannot be reached by usual methods and it stays there until it gets overwritten by new data. Special software can restore files after format utilities have been used, so take heart!

Easy Drive Data Recovery—one of the most in-depth programs to recover formatted files. The program is the leader in its class and easily recovers any text, graphics, and binary files in FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems. Nearly all the most common file formats are supported and all types of storage media can be recovered. A well thought-out, simple and logical interface allows both beginners and IT professionals to confidently use the program to recover files after format events. So whether you are too experienced or have no experience at all, the program can help you anyway and you won’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to make it work.

Easy Drive Data Recovery supports around 100 file formats for recovery. To try out this one-stop recovery solution, download the program for free from our website. The preview window will show you all recoverable data. And based on this information, there’s a chance for you to make a decision about purchasing the program. It’s strongly recommended to test the program ahead of time in order to eliminate the chance of impulse purchase and frustration afterwards, when you realize the files you need cannot be recovered. The preview only shows those that can be recovered and Easy Drive Data Recovery even permits to recover one file of your choice as a test so that there will be no doubts and suspicions left. The trial version is free of charge.

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