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Easy ZIP Recovery

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Damaged and deleted ZIP-archives can now be recovered in a couple of mouse clicks! With Easy ZIP Recovery it’s not important where the files were stored, on hard drive or on flash drive, data can be easily brought back even if the storage device was formatted. Using one-of-a-kind algorithms that have no counterpart whatsoever, Easy ZIP Recovery works more effectively and faster, recovering even those files that the file system has no information about.

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It’s possible to repair ZIP archive, created in WInZip, 7-Zip or any other compression utility. Furthermore, the program can recover large files and also self-decompressing SFX files.

If there’s a need to repair ZIP archive that was deleted, then all there is to do is to choose a disk that the file is supposedly on and the program will do the rest. If a damaged file was deleted, the program will find it and attempt repairs. Or alternatively, the damaged file can be uploaded straight to the program and if it’s possible, the program will repair it.

Performing ZIP repair isn’t hard with Easy ZIP Recovery. It has a simple step-by-step interface that’s understood intuitively. This program can be used even if the level of computer literacy is far from ideal so this makes it a program suitable not only for tech specialists but for ordinary users too.

The main thing is to make sure that the program can help in a particular case and use a trial version before the purchase. The files can be previewed and based on this information, it’s easy to make the right decision about the purchase.


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