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Hard Drive Recovery

Recovering a hard drive storage is easy... Just select the folder or the disk which you want to recover data from, and your files will be recovered... Remember to choose some other hard drive to store the recovered data on, in order to avoid overwriting the existing files... Easy Drive Data Recovery’s preview window shows you the data that can be recovered, so you can purchase the program safely in the knowledge of what exactly it can do for you...


Hard Drive Data Recovery

In reality, the situation is much brighter for those wishing to recover data from a hard drive... The only way to lose data forever is to overwrite it... The operating system doesn’t store files in one place, instead it scatters the parts all over the hard drive, at its own convenience... If one part gets overwritten, so does the whole file practically and it becomes unrecoverable...


External Hard Drive Recovery

Also note that recovering data on a flash drive takes much less time than on larger disks such as hard drives... So if you have a large hard drive, prepare to wait and let the program do its job for as long as it needs to, it’s well worth the waiting, trust us!.. If your external drive is of a small size, then you’re lucky and you’ll have your data back in a couple of minutes after the recovery process starts... It’s also easy to get started with the program, thanks to its interface and logical Recovery Wizard, which guides you through the whole process...


Hard Drive Recovery Software

Easy Drive Data Recovery is one of the best hard drive recovery software examples today... The unique algorithm at the core of this disk recovery program results in nearly equal quality of manual and automatic data recovery... It’s as if your data is restored manually, only automatically, without having to contact the recovery centre or call a specialist for help... This is quite helpful for people who don’t really like to waste their time because usually contacting a specialist and then waiting to get your hard drive back takes up quite a lot and not only time but money as well...


Hard Drive Repair

We’d like to present Easy Drive Data Recovery, a little (10MB) program with huge capabilities... If you’re one of those who wonder about hard drive repair, it may be the answer you’re looking for... The program features support of a 100 file types and of all storage device types these days... Although Easy Drive Data Recovery doesn’t help if the files are damaged or overwritten, it works marvellously with deleted files and it can even drag them out if the file system if the latter doesn’t work and if it is corrupted...



Easy Drive Data Recovery

no hard drive size restrictions... supports all types of hard drives... Easy Drive Data Recovery is a data recovery software product, aimed at data recovery of deleted or otherwise lost files that haven’t been damaged... Formatting hard drives, system reinstalling, breaking the flash drives can be the reason of losing data... In any of these cases Easy Drive Data Recovery can provide one of the top data recovery software solutions on the market... It incorporates a special algorithm, called Raw Search, which allows searching for almost a 100 file types and the program works with all types of storage devices, as long as they are recognized...

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Easy NTFS Data Recovery

Easy NTFS Data Recovery is a tool for successful NTFS recovery, the file system that is usually used on hard drives... This is a perfect opportunity to save some money if you don’t have drives with FAT file system, only NTFS... The program works on Windows operating systems and fully supports Unicode... Formatted hard drives, reinstalled OS, virus attacks or accidental deletion are the most common reasons for data loss and the program deals with all of them gracefully... no hard drive size restrictions... supports all types of hard drives...

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Easy FAT Data Recovery

no hard drive size restrictions... supports all types of hard drives... Easy FAT Data Recovery is mini version of Easy Drive Data Recovery for those who know the file system of a storage device they want recovered, namely FAT... The program supports FAT16 and FAT32 file systems and works perfectly fine with flash drives of all sorts (usb sticks, memory cards and so on... ) Virus attack, reinstalling Windows, formatting the drive—these are the factors that can affect data and it can get lost... Deleting data goes there too... If any of these happens, the program can perform FAT recovery in short time...

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