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Easy FAT Data Recovery

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Easy FAT Data Recovery is mini version of Easy Drive Data Recovery for those who know the file system of a storage device they want recovered, namely FAT. The program supports FAT16 and FAT32 file systems and works perfectly fine with flash drives of all sorts (usb sticks, memory cards and so on.) Virus attack, reinstalling Windows, formatting the drive—these are the factors that can affect data and it can get lost. Deleting data goes there too. If any of these happens, the program can perform FAT recovery in short time.

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Aimed at FAT file systems, it doesn’t recover NTFS data, it’s made specially for people who don’t want to pay more for features they don’t need.

Raw Search, that is the heart of the program, is a unique technology that scans the drive and recognizes files by their structure. 90 file types are supported, most common ones surely fall into this number.

The interface is as simple as it may be, made this way in order not to clutter the free space with useless design features. The only thing that matters is the actual FAT recovery and its quality. The manufacturers keep it simple and avoid overloading the program with things no one needs. The Recovery Wizard guides through the recovery process and the preview shows the files that can be recovered. Their contents are visible and they must be in order for the file to be recovered. The preview acts as an indicator of file recoverability. Large hard drives are supported, even though the FAT recovery may take longer, it doesn’t interfere with the quality.

Full Unicode support is included and the program works in Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and 7.


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