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At one point or another, each of us needs good hard drive recovery software. With all those loads of important information we have and the frequency with which it gets threatened by viruses and all kinds of data-affecting accidents are an unfortunate part of life. If you’re an active computer user, there’s a huge chance that sooner or later you’ll run into one of these problems with your hard drive. Here we will tell you about what you can do when this happens, and what the best recovery programs are.

Easy Drive Data Recovery is one of the best hard drive recovery software examples today. The unique algorithm at the core of this disk recovery program results in nearly equal quality of manual and automatic data recovery. It’s as if your data is restored manually, only automatically, without having to contact the recovery centre or call a specialist for help. This is quite helpful for people who don’t really like to waste their time because usually contacting a specialist and then waiting to get your hard drive back takes up quite a lot and not only time but money as well. It’s also hard to predict exactly how much money you’re going to spend when it comes to recovery agencies. But with hard drive recovery software, it’s easy, because the price of a program is usually fixed. Almost 90 file formats are recoverable, even if there’s no file system information left, that is, when the location of the files is unknown and the file system itself is damaged. If the files are still physically on the disk, there can be recognized and recovered.

This hard drive recovery program supports FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems. It can be used on any type of storage media, name any manufacturer and there you have it. There’s no restriction on the number of files that can be recovered, once the program is registered. However, there’s no need to grab your wallet before trying out Easy Drive Data Recovery. You can try the program out without paying beforehand, simply by downloading and installing the trial version which is designed specifically for making sure the program works and that it is applicable to certain files. After the installation, you can see the preview window and browse the list of recoverable files, they are shown in full and their structure is fully visible. This way you can see for certain which files can be recovered. Never buy a pig in a poke, try it out first and then decide.

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