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Data Recovery Program

Don’t forget that all of your recoverable files are shown in Easy Drive Data Recovery’s preview window... If some of the files are not visible, they cannot be recovered... Even if the program isn’t registered yet, you can recover one of the files free of charge... MunSoft gives you a chance to try out the program to see if it works, before you pay even a cent... We’re not interested in selling useless products... We want as many users as possible to try out our data recovery program and to reunite with their files...


RAR Recovery

Before you consider buying the license to the program, we encourage you and strongly recommend to use the trial version of the program... You never know what condition your data is in at the moment and the trial version will let you see if the files you want can be recovered at all... By simply downloading the program from our website, you can install it and then preview your RAR files... The preview window will show the list of files that can be found in the program... If the results are good enough, then and only then you can follow the link and buy the key... Please do not buy if the program refuses to work with your files, this will save you a lot of trouble...


Repair Outlook 2010

If you need to repair Outlook 2010, we suggest you download the program from our website... You’re not required to pay until you evaluate it and see if it recovers your data... Who knows, it might be just what you’re looking for... If you look at the program’s preview, you’ll most likely see your files and if you do, you’re welcome to buy the license key in order to register the program...


Recovery ZIP

Now you know how to recover Excel files, why not try it out now?.. Download the program and get all of them Excel files back!.. If you’re not keen on using new programs and if you are not sure you’ll be able to make it work, we encourage you to try the program out before you buy... There is such option and there’s nothing that can stop you from downloading the program from our website and trying ZIP recovery... It can be done in a couple of minutes and then you’ll see if the files you need are recoverable... Just look at the preview and you’ll find your answer...


How to Recover Shift-Deleted Files

The simple user interface makes it easy to see just what exactly Easy Drive Data Recovery can recover, and the file recovery process itself is both quicker and gives better results than competing programs... It’s reported that even manual recovery cannot do the job better than the program and, what’s quite important, you don’t get any additional costs, you pay only once and receive free updates and free technical support for as long as you wish, the license doesn’t expire... The program can always be downloaded from MunSoft’s website for free and tested prior to the actual recovery process... This is great when you’re not sure the program will work... It’s always better to make sure beforehand than spend money on a useless program... So go ahead and try to recover shift-deleted files with the help of our wonderful software!..



Easy File Undelete

The preview presents a possibility to see the whole list of files that can be recovered... The recovery process can be optimized by filtering the files by creation date, size or file name... The file structure can be previewed... The program’s easy interface gives an opportunity to get down to file recovery instantly and bring data back effortlessly... All these functions can be accessed in the trial version so it’s highly recommended to evaluate the program and make sure it helps before making the purchase... Also, before downloading our program to recover deleted files, Easy File Undelete, it’s strongly advised to have a look at the screenshots and videos below... Easy File Undelete is a program to recover deleted files, that supports recovery from hard drives, memory cards, USB-sticks and any other types of media... The main criterion is for the medium to be visible in the operating system and the file system of the partition should be either FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS... Easy File Undelete helps even if the drive has been formatted and the operating system has been reinstalled... All this makes the program’s list of capabilities quite extensive... The technology used in this program to recover deleted files, Raw Search, not only gives a possibility to automatically recognize formats of more than 90 file types but it can also determine their location and size, even if this information has been lost in the structure of the file system... These features let the program recover maximum number of files...

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Easy Excel Recovery

The program has a full preview which lets a user see the files and their contents prior to the actual recovery... For Excel files, multiple sheets can be previewed... Right after the scanning or after opening the Excel file in the program, the preview shows the data and if it’s there, then the file can be recovered... Maximum possible information that can be restored is extracted by Easy Excel Recovery, making it a stand-out program that has the capacity of restoring even hopeless files... Although if there’s no data left, or if the format of the file doesn’t correspond with the data that’s inside, the recovery can’t be guaranteed... However, this is an exception, most cases are recoverable... Easy Excel Recovery is a software product that was developed for restoring damaged Excel files... While the built-in recovery tool only works with light damage, this program recovers even heavily damaged documents and spreadsheets... The recovery is made possible by unique algorithms that restore both data and file structure of an Excel file... The program works with XLS and XLSX files made by various versions of Excel... A simplistic design doesn’t let unnecessary functions get in the way... The interface is user-friendly and only requires a few mouse clicks to be made in order to restore data... The built-in Wizard guides through the recovery, offering useful insights along the way...

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Easy NTFS Data Recovery

In order to recover NTFS, the only thing that has to be done is downloading the program and letting it scan for files... The hard drive must be visible in the system and the preview will show how many files can be recovered, what are they and their actual contents... The preview indicates the probability of recovery and the Recovery Wizard shows how it’s done with instructions on the screen... The found file can be filtered by size, date and recovery status... The size of the scanned drive doesn’t matter, large ones are supported, although, need to be allowed a little more time to be scanned... The program was built specifically for NTFS... Recover files with its help, even those deleted in DOS or located on corrupted hard drives with NTFS file system... Easy NTFS Data Recovery is a tool for successful NTFS recovery, the file system that is usually used on hard drives... This is a perfect opportunity to save some money if you don’t have drives with FAT file system, only NTFS... The program works on Windows operating systems and fully supports Unicode... Formatted hard drives, reinstalled OS, virus attacks or accidental deletion are the most common reasons for data loss and the program deals with all of them gracefully...

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