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When someone says “archive” probably the first thing that comes to mind is “RAR”. These two words have almost become synonymous but not quite. Still, every time anyone mentions compressing or archiving files, it’s usually done in RAR format. It has its advantages and it is frequently chosen as one of the best compression formats. RAR files are everywhere, we store our data in RAR because it takes less space and the Internet is full of RAR files simply because they’re smaller in size and can be downloaded much faster than original, uncompressed files. One thing can be a problem, though. If you download a RAR file and it gets damaged in the process, for example, if it gets infected by a virus and curing it leads to damage, you won’t be able to open it. Or you will manage to open it but the files will be damaged and you won’t be able to extract them. What are you supposed to do in this case? Can anything be done in the terms of RAR recovery?

It surely can. More than that, there’s a chance to restore your corrupt RAR file to its original state, providing that there’s still data to recover and the file hasn’t been broken entirely. In most cases it’s not that bad and the right program can extract the data and restore your file. What are those “right” programs? Obviously, they are data recovery programs. If you know what kind of file you need to recover, it’s better to stick to file specific programs because they’re better suited for the type of files that you need. Take, for example, Easy RAR Recovery, by MunSoft. This program is a steady solution for archive recovery and it works with not only damaged or corrupted files but with deleted as well and can recover files from any type of storage device, even a formatted one. It can a be a flash drive, memory card, hard drive of any manufacturer, as long as it’s recognized by the operating system. RAR recovery can be done in any version of Windows, starting with Windows 95.

Before you consider buying the license to the program, we encourage you and strongly recommend to use the trial version of the program. You never know what condition your data is in at the moment and the trial version will let you see if the files you want can be recovered at all. By simply downloading the program from our website, you can install it and then preview your RAR files. The preview window will show the list of files that can be found in the program. If the results are good enough, then and only then you can follow the link and buy the key. Please do not buy if the program refuses to work with your files, this will save you a lot of trouble. Be careful and try this RAR recovery program first.

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