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If you’ve ever experienced losing important files, it’s hard to forget. It’s not only extremely frustrating, it’s also very confusing. First the shock, then the question: What can I do? How can I get it all back? Is there a way? Advanced users know about retrieving files from the Recycle Bin, but often the files aren’t there either. What’s even more, sometimes people delete files, using Shift+Delete and this makes the files unreachable through the Recycle Bin. And also, sometimes the files are too large to be placed in the Recycle Bin and they simply bypass it. In any of these cases, you’ll need to check out some data recovery programs.

MunSoft can recommend Easy Drive Data Recovery for users in such difficult situations. Why and how is it better than all the other data recovery solutions? This data recovery utility is distinguished by its high success rate even when the location and size of data aren’t preserved file system. Even better, Easy Drive Data Recovery works with all types of data storage—it will work no matter where your data were lost from and how. Not sure if the drive of a certain manufacturer is supported? Do not fear, all of them are. It is a universal data recovery program which recognizes and recovers over 90 file types. The quality of recovery is extremely high and the process is automatic, therefore, it doesn’t require any special skills. Anyone can use it, from to professionals to computer newbies. Logical interface can learned in a few minutes, it was developed specifically to meet the needs of everyone, no matter how computer literate he or she is.

Don’t forget that all of your recoverable files are shown in Easy Drive Data Recovery’s preview window. If some of the files are not visible, they cannot be recovered. Even if the program isn’t registered yet, you can recover one of the files free of charge. MunSoft gives you a chance to try out the program to see if it works, before you pay even a cent. We’re not interested in selling useless products. We want as many users as possible to try out our data recovery program and to reunite with their files. So download Easy Drive Data Recovery from our website and try out the program for yourself.

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