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Microsoft came out with a new version of its flagship operating system and, along with it, Windows 7 file recovery became important for many users. Many of these Windows recovery situations are due to instances when, due to user error or software crash, data disappears in a blink of an eye. No one is completely safe from this and the awful situation can happen at any time. It’s especially frustrating when you’re off guard and think that you’re safe and then suddenly—bam! it’s all gone. All that you’ve worked on is lost, it seems. When this happens, you need a program made by real specialists, which is capable of retrieving data in the vast majority of cases. No rookie’s work can save you and it’s better not to risk your data with untrusted freeware. Stick to the trustworthy and dependable choice.

One such almost perfect solution is Easy Drive Data Recovery, from MunSoft. This program is perfect for file recovery Windows 7 cannot perform. Its unique algorithms can even recover those files that aren’t recorded in the file system (for example if the file system was damaged and there’s no information left.) This seems impossible as it’s too versatile to be true but recognizing the file by its format is what the core technology, Raw Search, is noted for. The searching is done not by the file’s data but by its format. Easy Drive Data Recovery can recover over 90 types of files thanks to that.

To try out Easy Drive Data Recovery for Windows 7 file recovery (as well as Windows XP recovery and Windows Vista recovery), use the program’s visual interface to select a folder or disk. There’s not much to do on your part, just stick to the instructions of the Recovery Wizard. Then prepare to be delighted with the surprisingly quick recovery speed. Before purchasing, you can view all recoverable files in the preview to make sure that you will get results. If you don’t see any files in the preview, it’s not advisable to buy the program. Purchasing a key will not get you more files than there are in the preview so choose accordingly. Download Easy Drive Data Recovery for free from our website—your data is still out there, just have a look!

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