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Nothing can possibly be worse when you see that dreaded blue screen, indicating that your computer has suffered a system failure and then you realize that you will have to recover formatted hard drive soon enough. Here comes the moment of truth when you know you can lose all your precious data in the process of formatting. The question undoubtedly arises: how to recover formatted hard drive?

When you need to recover deleted files, a formatted hard drive can be a serious problem. There’s no need to panic, however. The cure has already been found. Now it’s easy to recover formatted hard drive. You only need to use one little program that can help you to recover deleted files from formatted hard drive. MunSoft Easy Drive Data Recovery can do the job for you. Its user-friendly interface will guide you through the process of recovering your deleted files gracefully. It works with all file types and even if your file system is too damaged, do not worry, as it will restore your data anyway.

To achieve the desired goal of recovering your files, one only needs to follow a few easy steps.

First of all, launch the application and choose the drives you want to scan. You can choose flash drives as well. Then select the files you’d like to restore and click “Recover selected files” button in the upper left corner. You can also check out the preview of your file. After that, select a folder to keep your recovered files. Remember that you cannot choose the drive which the data is being recovered from. The restoration will then begin. Once it’s finished, the program will tell you that your files have been restored.

Easy Drive Data Recovery supports almost all existing file formats and can deal with very damaged file systems. If the files are still intact but there’s no information about them, the program can help even in this seemingly hopeless case. Easy Drive Data Recovery is obtainable through our website. Try it before you buy: when you download the program, you will get access to the list of files that can be restored and you will also get a chance to recover one of the files free of charge. The preview window will show you all recoverable files and you’ll then be able to recover formatted hard drive in no time!

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