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Email has totally and completely replaced regular mail. Who uses a post office to send a letter these days? Very few people. There’s no use in waiting for weeks for a letter to arrive. We prefer to use email instead, the letters are delivered in seconds and they are free of charge. Of course in case of personal letters it’s missing the charm of written speech and paper and we sometimes still have to send real letters for work too but all in all, it’s clear that no one’s going back to sending regular mail anytime soon. If you send email frequently, you are probably using a desktop email client. Let us guess, is it Microsoft Outlook? While maybe you don’t use it at home, at work it seems to be a reasonable solution. It lets you keep all your data in one file and it’s a neat option. However, this one PST file that has all your information, is quite vulnerable to damage and accidental deletion. Anything can be the cause and Outlook does not have any internal service that can retrieve email. What do you do in such case, for example, if you delete your PST database by accident and don’t have the slightest idea how to get it back? You turn to the internet, of course, and try to find the answer. But if you’re here, on this page, no more searching is of essence, you’ve just found what you’re looking for.

Here’s the program that you should use—Easy Mail Recovery. The program works with all versions of Outlook and if you happen to be Windows XP user, it also works with Outlook Express. The program restores all the emails you have, including the attachments, notes, calendars and anything associated with the emails you need to recover. Deleted or corrupted, if the email files are still on the hard drive and there’s some information left, the program will restore maximum possible data and will leave nothing behind. The email retrieval is something that you can accomplish by yourself and you don’t need to ask for anybody’s help, the program’s instructions are sufficient and clear enough to be understood by anyone.

Since working with data and especially with email data requires care and gentleness, because it’s too easy to damage what’s left even more, it’s hard to say whether your files are repairable without checking them out. That’s why Easy Mail Recovery has a test edition and shows the emails that can be recovered prior to the actual recovery and the license purchase. You won’t be prompted to buy the key unless you’re fully satisfied with the results of the preview. Feel free to test the email retrieval with Easy Mail Recovery through our website immediately.

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