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When we need to calculate something we use a simple calculator and write down the results. But what if we need to calculate something using complicated formulas and there’s more than just one formula we need to use, what do we do? That’s right, we turn to Microsoft Excel. We create spreadsheets and the program calculates everything for us. This saves a lot of time and effort that’s why, even if Excel is not the simplest program to learn, once you get used to it, you can’t imagine your life without it. It’s gives you the results that you’ll have to get the hard way otherwise. It’s also very frustrating to lose any of those results, for example if you suddenly delete an Excel document and then realise that you have to get it back. Clearly, in this situation you’ll need to know how to recover Excel files. Do you know how? If you don’t, we’re going to tell you how right now. But first, here’s a couple of tips.

Tip #1. If you delete a file (any file, not just Excel), it’s important to know that any activity on the hard drive must be stopped. If it’s not stopped, you risk losing your data completely because of overwriting. Therefore, you mustn’t install anything on this hard drive, choose another.

Tip #2. Always check twice. You’ll know what we’re talking about here if you read on.

Tip #3. Do not write the recovered files to the same place. It won’t work and will only overwrite the existing data. Why? See Tip #1.

If you keep these things in mind, you’ll most likely succeed in recovering Excel files. But you’ll need a tool to work with first. Here you go—Easy Excel Recovery, made for Excel documents and it works only with Excel documents. You may say it’s too narrow but that’s what the program is for and there’s no use in extra features. It does the job and has all the capabilities to be your own personal Excel retriever. Whenever you delete a document, you may use the program. Moreover, if you damaged the document somehow, the recovery can still be performed because the Excel files have a lot of metadata that stays whole even if the information gets corrupted and Easy Excel Recovery knows how to restore that info too.

Now you know how to recover Excel files, why not try it out now? Download the program and get all of them Excel files back!

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