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If your computer is running on Windows, you probably know a lot about the weakspots of the system. It can be laggy at times and slow but if you’re still using it, then you must be more or less satisfied. There’s one major flaw in the system. When it comes to deleting data, it works great but when it comes to recovering data, then it doesn’t work at all, Windows does not have any tools for data recovery. It’s a shame because the system can have a glitch and as a result you may lose your files. Worst of all, Windows can be quite unpredictable at times and you never know when something bad might happen. One day it all works fine and the next day the system greets you with the blue screen of death. What do you do and how do you deal with windows data recovery?

The most rational thing to do here is to find yourself a third-party data recovery program. It is unknown why Microsoft has decided to opt for not including any recovery software in their system. Sometimes just restoring the operating system by using a restore point is not enough and when you need to save your personal files, lost due to the system’s instability, you have to use some other software. For example, you can try Easy Drive Data Recovery. This little program has all the features you need and it also has an ability to restore data after formatting your drive, which is very handy if your OS reinstallation attempt fails somehow. You shouldn’t worry whether the program supports your type of hard drive, with 99% probability it does as it doesn’t matter where to search for files, the program’s algorithms are capable of locating files even in damaged file systems, let alone file systems in normal state. A 100 supported file types is quite impressive and the ability to locate them even if the file system entries aren’t preserved is quite a feature. This program may be your perfect tool for Windows data recovery

It’s not hard to obtain a copy as it’s always on the website, free and of the latest version. The fact that it’s always of the latest build is indubitable because even if the program has been up for 7 years already, MunSoft never stops improving it and adding new useful tweaks. You can rest assured that this software is always up to date. There’s no need to add that it is free to use the trial, because it must be free, since it’s trial. A user must have an opportunity to test the program and see if Windows data recovery is possible in his particular case. MunSoft has no intention of selling something that doesn’t work and because it’s hard to say with data if it’s recoverable or not without testing, that’s why the trial version is always there for free download. After you install it, there’s a chance to try and recover one file that you choose. Make sure it’s the most common type among your files. And you can also preview the rest of the files. Only then, if the results are satisfying, you’re welcome to purchase the registration key. There are different types of license, so just choose the one that suits you, the type of license doesn’t affect the main functionality—data recovery.

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