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Restore Data

Sometimes when we are not very attentive, certain accidents can happen with your data... What?.. With my data?.. No way, I keep it safe!.. Yes, you may keep it safe but some things you just can’t control... For example, a virus attack...


Data Rescue

These days we have all we ever dream of, the range of goods on the online market is astonishing... Data recovery market is huge as well, there are many choices and each developer tries to create something that will make his product stand out... So which data rescue product should you choose?.. The newly-developed one?..


Recover Data

Option #2 is for everyone who values their time and money... It’s simply using a program to recover data... Why is it better?.. It’s faster, you won’t even have to get off your couch and your money is going to be safe...


Data Retrieval

How can you be sure that the program works and will really retrieve your data?.. One answer—you’ve got to try... Just install this data retriever on your computer (don’t forget to choose another storage device or you will overwrite your files) and scan for files... If the search brings the results, they will be shown as a list of files and clicking on each one, you’ll see them in the preview...


Database Recovery

If you work with Microsoft Access, you’re familiar with the whole concept of database creation and with using the created files... There’s no need to explain where and how you can use it, you know it well... It’s so nice to have all your data in one base, when you don’t need to think where this or that data entry might be... When it’s all organized, it’s much easier to work with, rather than to search for scattered pieces of data all over the place... On the other hand, unfortunately, since the database is in one place, it’s also quite easy to damage it or delete by accident... No one ever means to delete something that he or she might need in the future so when it happens, the things that are gone need to be restored...



Easy Drive Data Recovery

Easy Drive Data Recovery is a data recovery software product, aimed at data recovery of deleted or otherwise lost files that haven’t been damaged... Formatting hard drives, system reinstalling, breaking the flash drives can be the reason of losing data... In any of these cases Easy Drive Data Recovery can provide one of the top data recovery software solutions on the market... It incorporates a special algorithm, called Raw Search, which allows searching for almost a 100 file types and the program works with all types of storage devices, as long as they are recognized... If the hard drive has been formatted or the OS has been reinstalled, it’s not hopeless as it may seem... Even from formatted drives, even in places where there seems to be nothing left to get, data recovery is still possible... If the file information is no longer in the file system, there’s a chance that data can be restored... The program recovers maximum possible data and works with file systems such as FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS... This means that flash drives and memory cards are supported as well... Damaged storage devices are supported (if the device is recognized by the program) and the amount of recoverable data can be determined upon looking at the preview that shows the files and their contents... Our data recovery software is available for a free download, as a trial version so that a potential user could see whether the files are recoverable in advance... support of named data streams and NTFS compressed files...

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Easy FAT Data Recovery

Easy FAT Data Recovery is mini version of Easy Drive Data Recovery for those who know the file system of a storage device they want recovered, namely FAT... The program supports FAT16 and FAT32 file systems and works perfectly fine with flash drives of all sorts (usb sticks, memory cards and so on... ) Virus attack, reinstalling Windows, formatting the drive—these are the factors that can affect data and it can get lost... Deleting data goes there too... If any of these happens, the program can perform FAT recovery in short time... Aimed at FAT file systems, it doesn’t recover NTFS data, it’s made specially for people who don’t want to pay more for features they don’t need... supports FAT file systems...

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MunSoft Data Recovery Suite

“How do I fix corrupted files that I cannot access?.. ” Partitioned and formatted data, scattered all around the hard drive, the data that has no visible way of accessing, can be recovered as well... MunSoft Data Recovery Suite offers a quick scanning and then, upon recognizing the data, it shows it in the preview and if the structure is visible, it’s recovered... The trial version shows the files in the preview as well... An all-purpose data recovery solution, available in a single package for a reduced price... The package consists of 6 different data recovery programs, each serving its own purpose: Easy Drive Data Recovery, Easy Digital Photo Recovery, Easy Office Recovery, Easy Mail Recovery, Easy Access Recovery, Easy Archive Recovery that recover 90 types of files... All types of storage devices are supported and certain damaged file types can be recovered: Office documents, RAR and ZIP archives, Outlook databases and messages... Outlook mail and mail database restoration...

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