MunSoft Data Recovery Suite

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An all-purpose data recovery solution, available in a single package for a reduced price. The package consists of 6 different data recovery programs, each serving its own purpose: Easy Drive Data Recovery, Easy Digital Photo Recovery, Easy Office Recovery, Easy Mail Recovery, Easy Access Recovery, Easy Archive Recovery that recover 90 types of files. All types of storage devices are supported and certain damaged file types can be recovered: Office documents, RAR and ZIP archives, Outlook databases and messages.

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Aimed at people who value their time and money and who most likely have no idea how to fix corrupted files. Figuring out whether the data was deleted or damaged and the ways to deal with the problem are so yesterday. Now it doesn’t even matter what type of file was lost, this amazing program pack can restore data regardless of its state, type and size.

Offered in a single package, however, it breaks into different programs upon installation. This makes it easier to operate thanks to a smaller program size and consequently requires less computational power than an all-in-one application would. Users are free to choose the component, depending on the type of file that needs to be restored. It works with the most popular file types, such as photos, Microsoft Office documents, ZIP and RAR archives, Outlook databases and so on. Raw Search, which is special technology in the core of each program, supports nearly a hundred file types and most of them can be previewed before the recovery.

The recovery process is automated, a built-in Wizard guides through and all a user is required to do is to specify the paths and then click “Next”. MunSoft Data Recovery Suite works with damaged data, and the question of how to fix a corrupted file is exactly the one that it gives an answer for. Now not only deleted files can be restored but corrupted as well. It doesn’t matter how or why the files have been lost, the fact is that they can be recovered.

“How do I fix corrupted files that I cannot access?” Partitioned and formatted data, scattered all around the hard drive, the data that has no visible way of accessing, can be recovered as well. MunSoft Data Recovery Suite offers a quick scanning and then, upon recognizing the data, it shows it in the preview and if the structure is visible, it’s recovered. The trial version shows the files in the preview as well.

That all said, MunSoft Data Recovery Suite is a perfect solution for people with multiple types of lost files, both damaged and deleted.




Great product, great Service. A must have.

Diego Casarin

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