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The wide range of photo goods offered these days is breathtaking. If you want, you can buy any kind of camera with as many Mpx as you want and you can do it by simply going to your local store. Cameras are everywhere. People are so fond of taking pictures that it’s no wonder that cameras are now built into every cell phone. But of course it’s much more suitable to have a full camera on your hands, a cell phone is usually not enough and there’s not enough space to store high resolution pictures. That’s where memory cards come in handy. People store a lot of information on these little things and when the most precious photos get deleted, say, by pure accident, the catastrophe seems to be enormous. Which isn’t true, in fact, there’s a way to get those lost photos back.

Easy Drive Data Recovery is a popular photo recovery tool developed by MunSoft. Its easy and rational interface is a big help for beginners. To recover photos, just select the folder and disk and wait for the results. Easy Drive Data Recovery software works with all varieties of memory cards, hard disks, and other devices. It makes no difference where and when your particular data carrier was created, and also by whom, because all the manufacturers are supported. If your phone can be connected to your computer over USB (like a flash drive), then you can even recover photos from your phone, but only if your memory card is recognized by the system as an external device. If it’s not, then unfortunately, the phone information cannot be restored. Do not confuse sim card restoration as this is something completely different that memory card restoration and it cannot be performed by our program.

Another advantage of this photo recovery software is that you can test its features before you pay. You can view all recoverable photos in the preview window, the one that allows you to assess the image quality. If it’s good enough and you can see the full picture, then don’t wait and get the registration key. If you do not see your pictures, then there’s no sense in purchasing, the program won’t help. However, it never hurts to try. Download our Easy Drive Data Recovery photo recovery software for free from our website.

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