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Restore Files

It can be hard to pick out what’s most important on our computers... So when we delete (seemingly) unimportant information, it can often turn out that the information was, well, very important... The problem of file restoring is a real problem for many users... Picking out a good utility among all of the options may seem like a hopeless quest, with so many twists and turns that it’s too hard to say which program is right... The question is: “Can free programs help you and recover files with the necessary quality?.. The answer is not as simple as it may seem at first...


Restore Data

Such tool is a hard drive data recovery program, Easy Drive Data Recovery... MunSoft is the developer company and they’ve been working on the program for 7 years already, providing one of the best data restore solutions on the market... There are a lot of advantages, from recovering a 100 types of files to restoring data from damaged file systems... The program works in FAT and NTFS and formatted data does not present any kind of trouble... Windows users may use it safely, it was developed specifically for Windows operating system... A brilliant core technology restores data by the structures, already known to the program and finds all possible files, even those long lost...


Database Recovery

Access files, MDB or ACCDB, can be recovered, using this simple database recovery program—Easy Access Recovery... The creators at MunSoft have written this program in order to help people get rid of their database problems... If you delete your database files, the program can help by restoring them even from formatted data carriers... Moreover, if you damage your database, the program can help too by restoring the broken data entries and giving you back your whole MDB file in one piece... Easy Access Recovery works even with broken file systems, which is quite remarkable, and gets your data back as quickly as possible, as much as possible... The program supports all kind of Windows versions and works with NTFS and FAT (FAT32, FAT16) file systems...


Restore Hard Drive

Here’s a solution for you—Easy Drive Data Recovery for restoring a hard drive... It’s paid but you have a chance to try it for free before you pay... This will help you make a thought-out decision about your future purchase... The trial is version is on our website and can be downloaded whenever you feel like it... The preview window will show all the information about recoverable files and you’ll be able to choose which ones you want to recover... It’s also possible to filter the search results...


How to Repair Hard Disk

The main goal of the program is to provide quality data recovery so you won’t find any additional features... It all comes down to just searching and restoring lost data, no fancy interface and no funky buttons... The developers did their best to get rid of any annoyances, such as ads and popup windows... You get only what you come for, no more no less...



Easy Excel Recovery

Easy Excel Recovery is a software product that was developed for restoring damaged Excel files... While the built-in recovery tool only works with light damage, this program recovers even heavily damaged documents and spreadsheets... The recovery is made possible by unique algorithms that restore both data and file structure of an Excel file... The program works with XLS and XLSX files made by various versions of Excel... The program is a powerful tool for restoring damaged Excel files, offering quality results with as little effort as possible, the name “Easy” speaks for itself... The program has a full preview which lets a user see the files and their contents prior to the actual recovery... For Excel files, multiple sheets can be previewed... Right after the scanning or after opening the Excel file in the program, the preview shows the data and if it’s there, then the file can be recovered... Maximum possible information that can be restored is extracted by Easy Excel Recovery, making it a stand-out program that has the capacity of restoring even hopeless files... Although if there’s no data left, or if the format of the file doesn’t correspond with the data that’s inside, the recovery can’t be guaranteed... However, this is an exception, most cases are recoverable...

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Easy Archive Recovery

Easy Archive Recovery is the real panacea to the problem of corrupted and damaged archives... It recovers the broken structure, restoring data inside... It’s a complex solution for both ZIP and RAR archive recovery... Erased, deleted files, even those shift-deleted from the Recycle Bin can be recovered... Most compression tools are supported, such as WinRar, 7-Zip, RAR and other... Self-extracting archives and large archives are supported as well... With Raw Search technology, the program finds and restores broken archives even on severely corrupted hard drives, memory cards or flash disks and recovers maximum possible data... large archive support (4GB and larger)... built-in preview of the recoverable files...

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Easy Office Recovery

Easy Office Recovery is a universal and multi purpose Office Recovery program, which focuses on restoring and repairing damaged and deleted Microsoft Office files, such as files of Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint and it’s capable of repairing even the most devastating file damaging cases... Where the built-in tools stand no chance, Easy Office recovery is powerful enough to perform the most difficult Outlook repair, as well as Excel and PowerPoint restoration... deleted Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook files can be detected and restored... full preview is available...

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