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It can be hard to pick out what’s most important on our computers. So when we delete (seemingly) unimportant information, it can often turn out that the information was, well, very important. The problem of file restoring is a real problem for many users. Picking out a good utility among all of the options may seem like a hopeless quest, with so many twists and turns that it’s too hard to say which program is right. The question is: “Can free programs help you and recover files with the necessary quality?”

The answer is not as simple as it may seem at first. Both freeware and paid options look like they perform the same tasks and one can ask a reasonable question: “Why should I pay when I don’t have to?”. No one wants to pay for something that can be obtained for free but in case of file restoring, the situation is too risky to go with free decisions. Why? Simply because if something goes wrong, you’ll be the one responsible for everything. And knowing how delicate data can be, there’s a great chance that something might go wrong. Of course it’s up to you to decide but choose wisely. There’s one ready-made solution for you to consider—Easy Drive Data Recovery. It can retrieve erased files from whatever type of storage device you have and supports 92 file formats.

You can restore your files even if a disk has been completely or partially formatted. You can download Easy Drive Data Recovery from our website and, after the installation, you can try out its simple interface for yourself. If it doesn’t seem very simple for you, well, we don’t know what’s simple then. Following the instructions of the Recovery Wizard is easy enough for a 5th grader. You can even recover one of the found files for free, as a test recovery. The preview window will also display the files that can be recovered and if you don’t see those you need, don’t buy, the program won’t be able to help, unluckily. It’s hard to say prior to the actual recovery what will and what won’t be recovered, so we advise to try and see for yourself. Purchase the license only if you’re sure that the program is just right for you. And that, friend, is how to restore files!

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