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Computers have long gone from being a luxury object to being a plain necessity. It wasn’t such a long road and took only about 15 years for almost every family in the civilized world to get one. Perhaps not all of the machines are equally powerful but most people need to perform the simplest tasks such as typing documents and saving them to disk. In Windows environment we usually use Microsoft Office Word for this. It’s easy to create a document there but beware, it’s equally simple to lose it. What do you do it one day you realize that the document you’ve been working on for weeks has been damaged and cannot be opened anymore? How do you open it? Is there a way to recover corrupt Word document?

Yes, there is a way, although maybe not the obvious one. If you try to look for any recovery option in Word itself, you won’t find anything that may suit you. There’s an autosave option but this only helps to go back to a certain state of the document but not to recover the whole file in case it’s damaged. So what should you do? You should look for a program, suitable for corrupted Word document recovery. In fact, you don’t even have to look because you’re reading this article. Here’s a program just for you—Easy Word Recovery. It works with DOC and DOCX Word files in all versions of Microsoft Word including the old ones and supports all Windows versions, starting with Windows 95. Sounds pretty nostalgic but there are some people who still use it so even they can be sure their files can be recovered. If you’re not using latin alphabet in your language, have no fear, Unicode is supported.

Whenever you feel you want to buy something, do you think twice or do you follow the impulse? Here we advise you to think twice and test the program before you buy. Why? Because it’s impossible to say how damaged your file is without using the program. It scans your data and gives you the verdict on its recoverability. You won’t know this until you try. So if you download the test version from our website (for free) and get it to work, you’ll see the files that are eligible for corrupted Word document recovery and then you’ll be able to make a decision about the purchase. The registration key can be obtained any time, there’s no need to rush and give your money immediately, it’s always better to check first.

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