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It’s extremely easy to delete files by force of habit or by accident. This evil thing tends to happen even to the best of us. No one can stay away from it long enough, it seems. You just happen to click the “Yes” button or “OK” and there you have it, all done and gone. It can be done unintentionally or on purpose. And then… you realize you never meant to delete anything, actually. Happened to you too? Your files don’t always end up in the Recycle Bin, so it’s not always a simple affair to get them back. So what do you do when you need Windows file recovery?

When you go to recover deleted files, Windows is helpless: it does not have such features built in. Why? We have no idea but that’s the way things are. But there’s hope and everything’s easier than you may think. It’s no secret, on the contrary, we’d like as many people as possible to know it. The answer to all your prayers is data recovery software, even though it’s usually made by a third party-developer. There are many to choose from but the one you really need to know about is Easy Drive Data Recovery. This program helps to recover files Windows can’t see anymore, from any type of storage—from formatted disks to memory cards. The quantity of supported file formats is incredible—almost a 100! This usually means that your file is one of the 100 and therefore it may be recovered.

The Easy Drive Data Recovery interface is one of the simplest you’ll ever come across—when you’re retrieving files, you shouldn’t have to sit down first with a manual. All that you need to know is displayed on the screen as soon as you launch the program. If you still get stuck, though, which is unlikely but not totally impossible, you can consult the preview and if all else fails, contact the support team, who’ll be eager to help you with whatever difficulties you encounter on your way to successfully recovering your data. The program’s special algorithms will help to retrieve deleted files Windows can’t save, with maximum results. The results are comparable to the work of expensive data recovery specialists! So when you need Windows file recovery, Easy Drive Data Recovery may be just the right thing for you.

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