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Many of us are already rather skilled with computers. Some of us even use computers professionally. Others are not that experienced but are skilled enough to perform not too complicated tasks. Even your Grandma probably knows how turn on a computer, open a browser and send an email to her favorite grandchild. We store a lot on computers and when things go their way, there’s nothing to worry about. But when the operating system crashes or—perish the thought—a virus attacks, it might seem impossible to recover lost files. Fortunately, this isn’t true! Surprisingly, many users don’t even know how to undelete files in Windows 7.

If you want to undelete files Windows 7 (or other Windows version) doesn’t show, it’s best to use special programs: the tools built in are not powerful enough. It’s unknown why the developers haven’t included anything more powerful but that’s the way it is and we have to find another way to recover lost files. Easy Drive Data Recovery, made by MunSoft, can perform high-quality Windows file undeletion. Windows 7 file undelete is supported for almost 100 file formats. Almost all devices are supported by the program, and no matter the cause—damage, formatting, deletion—Windows 7 undelete files are recovered quickly and with the highest quality. Maximum data that is still possible to retrieve, can be restored.

It’s always best to know what you’re buying, before you actually buy it. MunSoft has developed a “test run” feature, which allows recovering one file as a test, without a registration key. The found files can be previewed in the trial version, thus making it possible to decide whether you need the program way before thinking of purchasing it. Downloading Easy Drive Data Recovery free of charge from our website can be done anytime, as well as purchasing the registration key. Remember not to use the storage device right after the loss as it will overwrite the existing files and make the recovery impossible! Also remember to check the preview first and see if the files you need are there. This will save you money in case the recovery is impossible.

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