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Restore Files

The answer is not as simple as it may seem at first... Both freeware and paid options look like they perform the same tasks and one can ask a reasonable question: “Why should I pay when I don’t have to?.. No one wants to pay for something that can be obtained for free but in case of file restoring, the situation is too risky to go with free decisions... Simply because if something goes wrong, you’ll be the one responsible for everything... And knowing how delicate data can be, there’s a great chance that something might go wrong... Of course it’s up to you to decide but choose wisely...


Recover Files after Format

Many have encountered the problem of needing to recover files after format... It usually happens when you want to reinstall the operating system... During the reinstall, it asks you to format the disk and you have to obey... Or, for instance, after a virus attack it’s most advisable to format the hard drive so that all the data would be gone, along with the destructive bits of viruses... For most users, the entire disk contents appear to be blank after formatting; they think that the old data is lost forever... But the data is not erased—in most cases, it’s still there...


Files Recovery

The main advantage of Easy Drive Data Recovery is its Raw Search technology, which uses known file structures to search for erased files even when the size and location of files are unknown to the file system... So even if your filesystem is corrupted, there’s still a chance to recover your files... Check this out for yourself—Easy Drive Data Recovery gives an opportunity to perform a test recovery without entering a registration key... So you don’t need to buy the program if you’re not sure it’s going to work... It’s better to try it out and then decide...


Hard Disk Repair Software

Every data loss situation is unique, but almost all of them can be dealt with using the help of Easy Drive Data Recovery hdd repair software from MunSoft... This program can recover information from hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, and any other similar devices... Thanks to its proprietary recovery algorithms, Easy Drive Data Recovery attains high recovery quality for over 90 different file formats... There are times when your file system gets damaged...


Recovery Tool

Take our advice and try out Easy Drive Data Recovery, created by a prominent software development company, MunSoft... This recovery tool works with hard drives, formatted flash drives, memory cards, and other devices... Unlike some other recovery tools, Easy Drive Data Recovery can help even in hopeless cases, such as when the file system is damaged or erased completely and there’s no way to retrieve the information about deleted files anymore... If you had different file formats stored on your memory card and you need them all recovered, have no fear, all of your file types are probably supported as Raw Search supports about a 100 file formats...



Easy Archive Recovery

Easy Archive Recovery is the real panacea to the problem of corrupted and damaged archives... It recovers the broken structure, restoring data inside... It’s a complex solution for both ZIP and RAR archive recovery... Erased, deleted files, even those shift-deleted from the Recycle Bin can be recovered... Most compression tools are supported, such as WinRar, 7-Zip, RAR and other... Self-extracting archives and large archives are supported as well... With Raw Search technology, the program finds and restores broken archives even on severely corrupted hard drives, memory cards or flash disks and recovers maximum possible data... built-in preview of the recoverable files... damaged and/or deleted ZIP and RAR files can be recovered...

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Easy Excel Recovery

The program has a full preview which lets a user see the files and their contents prior to the actual recovery... For Excel files, multiple sheets can be previewed... Right after the scanning or after opening the Excel file in the program, the preview shows the data and if it’s there, then the file can be recovered... Maximum possible information that can be restored is extracted by Easy Excel Recovery, making it a stand-out program that has the capacity of restoring even hopeless files... Although if there’s no data left, or if the format of the file doesn’t correspond with the data that’s inside, the recovery can’t be guaranteed... However, this is an exception, most cases are recoverable... preview the recoverable files... Not only damaged files can be restored but deleted data as well... Even if the storage device was formatted, damaged or suffered a virus attack, the data can still be restored as long as the information is physically present on the disk and is not yet overwritten... When searching for deleted files, the scan covers the whole hard drive or flash drive and performs the Excel recovery... The files can be stored in parts in different sectors of the drive but the program puts all the data pieces back together...

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Easy NTFS File Undelete

large files support... compressed files are supported... The program offers 4 types of search for deleted files and some of them in some cases can greatly speed up the recovery process and save precious time... Each method has a short description so it’s easy to choose... After making a choice, the program will scan and find all recoverable files and the only thing left to do will be to pick the files that need to be recovered... It’s good to remember that it takes longer to scan a larger hard drive and the same way the recovery speed is slower the more files there are to recover...

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