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Microsoft Outlook is a universal tool for working with your email. Pretty much anyone who uses Microsoft Office has at least once tried to use this program. Some liked it and some didn’t, that’s just a matter of taste, the truth is that the tool is well-developed and allows working with email with ease and efficacy. Outlook uses Personal Storage Tables or PST files for storing all the information you have. It’s very convenient because your email data is in one place, as well as all of your notes, contacts and calendars. You can make copies and store them wherever you want. The sad fact is that not so many people make copies and then something happens to a PST file, for example, a virus corruption or it gets deleted somehow. There seems to be no obvious way to recover your PST database in Outlook itself so what are you supposed to do to get all those valuable messages back? If your database is damaged, how do you repair PST files?

Since Microsoft hasn’t implemented any real PST repair decision, you’ll need to use a third party software. One of such programs is Easy Outlook Recovery. The name explains it all, this tool is meant to recover Outlook files and it’s supposed to do it easily. This is true, it’s one of the simplest yet very powerful utilities that restores your PST databases in a couple of mouse clicks. You can either upload the broken PST or let the program scan for deleted files. Either way you’ll get results and if your data is still intact and exists physically on the hard drive, it can be recovered. The program can work with broken PST structures, restoring them into the original state wherever possible. It usually works well because even in the damaged PSTs there’s still enough information left. The utility recovers maximum data, however, there can be hopeless cases with no way out and if the program’s attempts to recover prove futile, it will be shown forehanded.

So how would you know whether the program can or cannot recover your files? It’s easy, all you need to do is to download the trial version and scan for or upload your files and attempt to repair a PST database. If the files are recoverable, you’ll see them in the preview (note that the file structure must be visible too) and then you’ll be prompted to buy a registration key but only after you make sure they can be restored. This way of checking the program eliminates possible impulse buys and keeps you safe from spending your money in vain. Download the program now from our website and find out if it works.

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