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Has it ever happened to you that you’ve deleted files? If it hasn’t, lucky you, you can be envied or admired or both at the same time. If it has and you know this bitter feeling of losing something and you wish it wasn’t you who did this, no shame there! It’s a natural thing, we make mistakes and we pay for them, it’s the order of things on this planet. So how do you deal with the loss? Many of us remember that in most cases, the deleted files go straight to the Recycle Bin, and it’s easy enough to drag them back from there, if such necessity occurs. But this isn’t always the case, depending on the deletion method and the application used. For example, if the file is too large, it goes past the Recycle Bin and if you Shift-Delete a file, nothing will end up there either. In addition, what if you’ve emptied the Recycle Bin completely? Here we will describe how to restore the Recycle Bin.

What’s a Recycle Bin anyway? It’s a special place on the hard drive where we can dump files that we no longer need. They stay there and can be easily restored without using any tools until you empty the bin and only then the files will be gone forever. But will they really be gone? No, luckily, our computers are not that simple. All data that you had stays on the hard drive even after you empty the Recycle Bin but it’s only there until you overwrite it with new files. So rule #1 is to stop any activity on the hard drive after you empty the Recycle Bin. Rule #2—find a good data recovery program. Here’s one that may help—Easy Drive Data Recovery by MunSoft. The name speaks for itself, the program undeletes files and does it easily. It doesn’t matter how, where from and when you’ve deleted files, if they’re still on the hard drive physically and haven’t been damaged by overwriting, there’s hope and something can still be done. Restoring Recycle Bin is one of the tasks that the program does perfectly, providing there’s still data left to recover.

The simple, practical and logical interface makes Easy Drive Data Recovery accessible to all groups of users. Whether you have just begun using a computer or if you’re a seasoned user, it makes no difference, you will get to the point anyway. For those wondering how to restore Recycle Bin, if you’re too skeptical (which is quite rational), you don’t need to pay for the program to see its results. There’s a preview and a free test recovery option of one file in the trial version. The registration key should be purchased only after you try the program out and after you get rid of all the doubts about its functionality. Test out Easy Drive Data Recovery—just download it from our website. See what can be recovered and what you want to recover, and only then make your decision about purchasing.

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