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If you pretend for one moment that you’re left on a desolate island without your computer, how does it make you feel? Probably desperate and helpless. We rely on our computers so much in our lives that it’s even hard to imagine going back to writing with your hand or communicating strictly on the phone. Technical revolution has brought more simplicity in our lives on one hand, and on the other it complicated things because before we could go around without any technical means and feel no discomfort while now, if we are for some reason left without our gadgets, we often don’t know what to do. And it’s the same with our information. We can’t live without all those files we store on our computer. So when someone says “file rescue”, most people shiver because almost all the time it means that the information is lost. Whatever the cause, who or what is going to rescue your files? Rescue Rangers? Chip and Dale? Probably not. What then?

The answer is simple—a data recovery program. It’s a great solution in the times of need and it’s one of the easiest imaginable. Instead of wasting your time going to service centers (and paying a lot of money, sometimes unreasonably), you can sit at home and let the program do your dirty work. It’s like your personal robot, which works with your data, searches, recognizes and restores what you’ve lost. You may have deleted the files but that doesn’t mean it’s permanent. It will become permanent once you overwrite data but until then, the file rescue mission is possible. So which program should you choose? Try this one—Easy Drive Data Recovery by MunSoft. You can see by its name that it recovers deleted files and it doesn’t matter where from, as long as the data is still on the storage device and hasn’t been overwritten.

One of the most useful features is the ultimate opportunity to test the program. You never know completely how it’s going to behave with certain files and you can’t tell the condition of your lost files until you try. It’s equipped with a preview and displays only the files that can be recovered. If they cannot be and if the file rescue is impossible, there’s no way you’ll see them in the preview. And please note that even if the files are found and the recovery status is “good”, they won’t be recovered unless they are correctly shown in the preview. The test version is free and can be obtained on our website.

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