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Data Retrieval

It’s Easy Drive Data Recovery, MunSoft’s creation and it’s one of the most powerful software products for data retrieval... It’s amazing how such a little program can search and recover so many types of files and support so many file formats... Written specifically for Windows, it works in all its versions, starting with Windows 95 and it also supports FAT and NTFS... These are the most common file systems so it’s most likely that you have either FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS on your machine...


Image Recovery

Photos, photos, photos... How many memories can we store in picture format?.. Now that the photography is digital, probably countless... The old times are gone and you are now free to buy a digital camera with whatever memory capacity you want and store as many images as you like...


Image Recovery Software

Not everyone knows about the possibility of using image recovery programs and if you’re one of those people who has no idea, this article is for you... We present a simple, yet powerful program that recovers data and works with all kinds of storage media... It’s Easy Drive Data Recovery... If you have a memory card of a certain manufacturer and you’re not sure whether it will work, you can rest assured that it probably will... The thing is that as long as the program recognizes the medium, it may be recovered... Even formatted disks or memory cards, those that cannot be restored seemingly, are the subject that the program can work with...


Digital Image Recovery

A digital image recovery program is a program that works with deleted graphic files... Whenever there’s a need to recover your photos, you can use this program and have your precious pictures back... How does it work?.. It’s pretty simple at first glance but it incorporates extremely powerful algorithms that ensure the recovery of many picture formats, such as GIF, BMP, JPG and other...


Restoration Software

The results of this data retrieval are impressive even on severely damaged file systems... We offer users the opportunity to try out our restoration software for themselves and see the results... Easy Drive Data Recovery offers, free of charge, the chance to recover one file in order to test the program’s capabilities... You can also preview the contents of all other recoverable files in the special window, built in the shell of the program... The interface is so simple and logical, free from annoying features of any kind, that you can relax and be sure that you’ll definitely find out how to use the program soon enough even if you’re not the most computer literate person in the world...



Easy PowerPoint Recovery

Easy PowerPoint Recovery almost always, whenever possible, except extremely difficult cases, preserves the structure of the document... The format, the order of the slides and the images are all restored as they were in the original document... While working with deleted files, the program attempts to recover PowerPoint slides in full, recovering as many as possible... damaged PowerPoint files can be recovered... deleted Microsoft PowerPoint slides can be found and recovered...

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Easy Digital Photo Recovery

Easy Digital Photo Recovery recovers any graphic image format, from JPEG and RAW to rarer types, such as ARW, ORF and DCR... Besides, the program allows previewing recoverable photos and marking the ones that need to be recovered... It saves a lot of time and disk space as sometimes file names are not known and a user is forced to recover all files... In order to optimize the process, the found data can be filtered by name, recovery status, creation date and size... More about the program itself and photo recovery can be learned from the screenshots and the introductory videos below... modern data recovery algorithms with effectiveness compared to a data recovery specialist’s work... an ability to preview the photos before the recovery...

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Easy Access Recovery

deleted Microsoft Access databases can be found and recovered... even corrupted Access databases can be recovered... tables can be previewed before recovery...

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