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Photos, photos, photos... How many memories can we store in picture format? Now that the photography is digital, probably countless. The old times are gone and you are now free to buy a digital camera with whatever memory capacity you want and store as many images as you like. Whichever camera you choose, the images you’re going to take will most likely be stored on some type of memory card. The volumes of today’s memory cards can be various but somehow it always happens that the chosen capacity is not enough. So in order to take the next picture, we sometimes have to delete the previous one. But what if after you delete a picture, you suddenly realize that you didn’t mean to delete it at all? Or what if you erase all the pictures by hitting the wrong button? What are you supposed to do if you need image recovery and need it ASAP?

What you should do first of all is stop any activity on the memory card. Do not take any more pictures or you risk overwriting all the data there might be left. Take the memory card out of your camera or connect it to your computer and then install this program—Easy Drive Data Recovery. It specializes in deleted image recovery. After you install the program on your computer’s hard drive, you’ll be able to recover your pictures. The program works with all types of memory cards and supports FAT and NTFS file systems. Any Windows version will work, starting with Windows 95. However, you should bear in mind that damaged photos cannot be recovered so if you fear that your photos have not only been deleted but also damaged, it’s better to check if the program can recover them.

In order to test this image recovery program, you’ll need the trial version that can be obtained on our website and then, after the installation, you’ll be able to preview all your images. If the preview shows the correct image and if the photo can be fully viewed, it will be recovered. If something goes wrong, the program won’t show anything or will show pictures as corrupted. You’ll find out whether the program will work once registered just by looking at the preview. The results of the trial version are the same as of the registered version so it’s wrong to think that the trial does not show everything. It does and the scan results stay the same after the registration. There’s no sense in trying to describe the program, you should try it for yourself and make your own decision. Be smart and don’t let anyone fool you. Download the trial now from our website.

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