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It’s never been this acute to talk about file damage, data loss and disk recovery problems as of today. The capacities of data carriers are growing each day, never stopping to catch a breath and the information stored on them gets to be copied and overwritten all the time. The chances of deleting files all of a sudden or suffering the consequences of a software failure grow day by day. But, luckily for everyone, disk recovery programs can be a pleasant reprieve in the times of sorrow! Of course there are many choices and not each and every one of them is the same, so sometimes it can be quite hard to choose. That’s why we’d like to tell you more about one program which seems to be a great choice to our mind.

Easy Drive Data Recovery is one of the best, most thorough programs for the job. Made by MunSoft, Easy Drive Data Recovery can run hard disk recovery even when other tools and utilities fail: formatted hard disks, memory cards, external disks, and other devices can all be saved. Not one gets neglected and if the storage device is recognized by the program, the recovery can be performed. The main thing here is to remember that once the data is lost, any activity on the drive must be stopped, in order not to overwrite the existing files. The overwritten data doesn’t get to be recovered. Almost one hundred file formats are supported for recovery, and with both FAT and NTFS data disk recovery is possible. This is made possible by Raw Search, an exceptional technology that searches for files, using the already known files structure templates, so that even if the information about the file’s location and status isn’t preserved, it can be located and brought back to life anyway.

Easy Drive Data Recovery recovers disk data with file quality equal of manual recovery. It’s even debatable whether the manual recovery, done by a professional disk recovery specialist is better than that with Easy Drive Data Recovery. Interested? You can try out the program before purchasing it, risk-free. The preview will give an insight on the possibility of recovery and this function exists in the trial version as well. Just download the program for free from our website and view a list of recoverable files in the preview window before making your decision.

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