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The explosion of digital photography has, on one hand, made our lives much simpler. Now it’s so easy just to push the button and get your picture instantly, and, which is quite important, the picture can be edited in any way you like and you don’t need anyone’s help with this. Looking for somewhere to print the photos is long gone too, all you need is your own computer and a printer. Even if you don’t have one, it’s easy to find one almost anywhere. But it’s given us new problems as well. Taking so many photos, we have to select what to keep on our computer and what to delete. This can be done without thinking but soon after we feel a tinge of regret—we deleted the wrong file. In cases like this, JPG recovery can be just in the nick of time.

The most important feature for a photo recovery program is the ability to work with all sorts of formats. The more formats are supported, the more chances you get that your file format will be recovered. Easy Drive Data Recovery, from MunSoft, supports recovering photos from hard disks, and many other sources. All common photo types can be recovered, including the RAW format, beloved by professionals and used in SLR cameras, and, of course, JPG recovery is possible. Easy Drive Data Recovery can recover small videos (taken by your camera) from memory cards as well. Your memory card can be of any manufacturer, it’s no difference.

The program is designed to be equally strict and simple in interface and in use. If you know how to use Photoshop, using the program won’t be difficult for you at all, you’ll nail it right after you install the program, that’s how simple it is. You are not asked to pay until you make the most of the trial version, that is, until you test the program on your own computer. Try before you buy, and pay only when you’re sure of the result: the preview window shows a miniature version of your photos. The photos should be visible fully and there are no exceptions: if the photo doesn’t show, there’s no chance it can be recovered. You can be sure of what you’re getting this way. Download Easy Drive Data Recovery for free from our website and try to recover JPG in action.

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