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Easy Outlook Express Recovery

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Easy Outlook Express Recovery is an up to date software solution that lets anyone perform Outlook Express repair. With the help of special algorithms, this utility finds and recovers data even after reformatting or reinstalling the operating system. This means that it’s possible to restore mail, even if the file with mail database has been damaged or deleted. No result can be obtained only if the files have been overwritten.

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The principal function of Easy Outlook Express Recovery is finding deleted files on the computer and the program also specializes in repairing Outlook Express files. For a user’s convenience there’s a preview where the recoverable files and their contents can be seen and it’s also possible to see if there are any attachments that go along with the mail. After the recovery, all files are saved in EML format so the they can be easily imported into the email client later.

Outlook Express mail can be recovered straight from Outlook Express local folder and this way there’s no need to scan the whole drive for Outlook files. It can greatly speed up the recovery process. All the files that are found can be sorted in order to find the necessary ones.

Easy Outlook Express Recovery recovers damaged DBX files. It works with particular databases and recovers all possible files. The size of the database doesn’t matter, it can be very large or very small and all Microsoft Outlook Express versions are supported, including both old and new ones so this means that it’s also possible to repair Outlook Express 6.


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Is a good program to repair the database in Outlook Express.

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