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It often happens, for whatever reason, that we need to recover lost files. This can happen with any storage type, so it’s extremely important that you always have a program for recovering lost files on your hands and that you are ready to launch it any time you need. There a wide range of different types of recovery programs on the market these days but you should first of all consider how much money you can afford to spend on recovering files. There are freeware choices and paid. Both have a right to exist, however, we think that if you’re really serious about your data, you shouldn’t go with freeware. It can be too risky. We cannot say that freeware programs don’t work but in case anything happens to your lost files, there will be no one to blame but yourself and you shouldn’t expect any technical support. The choice is yours and meanwhile we’re going to tell you about one paid solution that can attract your attention.

The solution is from MunSoft—Easy Drive Data Recovery. It can recover lost files Windows 7 can’t find, just start the program and select the disk. No matter what type of disk it is or the location of the lost file. The program works even with corrupted file systems, those that prevent you from accessing the files that are still present on the drive but cannot be found because the file system has no information about them anymore. Nearly a 100 supported file formats makes the program an all-around option for lost file recovery. A special powerful recovery algorithm guarantees consistently high quality of recovery.

For those recovering lost file information, you can see Easy Drive Data Recovery’s features for yourself, there’s an option for that too. In fact, it’s not merely an option, it’s a crucially important feature as it helps you decide whether you may or may not use the program for your particular files. How does it work? In the program’s list of files that can be recovered, which is shown in the preview, you can select one to recover as a “test run”. As in all MunSoft products, you can preview the recoverable files’ contents before making your decision. Trying to recover lost files? Then head on over to our website get your free copy of Easy Drive Data Recovery.

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