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When your computer starts running slow and it begins to bother you, there’s probably something wrong with your operating system. There can be, of course, hardware problems, the ones that can’t be that easily fixed but most of the time the errors are logical and they can be corrected. How? Most people prefer simply reinstalling the operating system. If you know how, it’s not so hard to do but the downside is that you’ll probably have to format your hard drive. Or, alternatively, it might happen that you reformat your hard drive accidentally, while having no intention to do so. Most users think that formatting means that your data goes away. Is it true? Luckily for you, it’s not. So how is it possible to recover formatted data?

First thing you need to think about is not to write anything on the formatted drive. Once it’s formatted, there will be nothing to do as overwritten files cannot be recovered under any circumstances. Even a service center and a clean room will not help because overwritten data does not exist anymore physically, therefore, there’s nothing to recover. If you haven’t touched your hard drive after format, then you have all the chances for successful recovery because formatting doesn’t mean wiping out all your data. What you require is a data recovery tool, a special program for data recovery after format. There’s one program that will surely do the job—Easy Drive Data Recovery. If you’re having doubts of whether the program will really recover your data, we must tell you that it supports all kinds of hard drives and a 100 file types. The algorithms recover data even in hopeless cases so you can be sure yours will be rescued too.

If you’re still not so sure, you have a free chance to test the program. The restricted trial version gives an opportunity to recover formatted data—one file free of charge and to preview all the files that you have left in order to determine if they can be recovered or not. Lucky for everyone and thanks to the Internet, the program can be downloaded any time from our web site. After the trial version you’ll be able to buy a registration key and register the program in order to gain access to saving the recovered files. We advise you to try before buying, you never know with software and data how it’s going to work so it’s better to be a 100% sure before spending your hard earned cash.

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