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If we were to imagine the world without email, we’d probably find it quite difficult to do. Of course there’s postal service and we can still send regular mail but who does it these days? Only your Grandma or some people with nostalgic feelings. The modern age demands speed and simplicity and electronic mail can deliver both. You don’t need paper and envelopes, it’s enough just to hit the right buttons and in a couple of seconds your email will be delivered. Could our ancestors even think of this? The future is already here and we are embracing it. The sad part of this is that sometimes the messages get delivered but soon they get deleted from the recipient’s computer, sometimes not even leaving him a chance to be read. This is the other part of the story, where you need to find a way to retrieve email and do it quickly because anything can be at stake, depending on the importance of the lost message.

If you’re using Microsoft Outlook for your email, you probably know that all the data you have is stored in one single file, called PST. It has all the messages and attachments. If you delete a message or damage your PST database, you’ll need to restore Outlook. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to do with Outlook alone, the program does not have any restoration tools built in, but you’re free to use any other program in order to restore Outlook data. There’s one that may suit your needs and meet your expectations—Easy Outlook Recovery. Why easy? Because using the program is kid’s stuff and won’t have to be taught to use it. Outlook is much more complicated than Easy Outlook Recovery, so you’ll nail it, no doubt. The program is capable of recovering Outlook messages in file systems FAT and NTFS and it’s speed and simplicity may come as a pleasant surprise to you.

But you can never know until you try. Easy Outlook Recovery is distributed as a trial version with a possibility of purchasing the license key after the testing is done. When you install it on your computer, you have an option of recovering a specific Outlook file or choosing the hard drive to scan for Outlook data. Restoring Outlook files is not such a time-consuming task, as you may think and the program’s algorithms are effective enough to be done in a matter of minutes. However, the larger the file is, the longer it takes but it won’t keep you waiting for too long. The program is only about 10MB in size so it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to download it from our website. Go ahead and try it out now!

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