Online Help How to register Easy File Undelete

How to register Easy File Undelete

How Can I Register Easy File Undelete?

MunSoft Company always puts the clients first, that’s why there’s a trial version of the program. You don’t have to pay in advance and waste money on a product that you’re not even sure will work on your computer. This trial version gives you a chance to see the files before the recovery, using a built-in preview window. If the information there is displayed correctly, then your files will be recovered exactly as they are shown. If the program cannot preview your files, then unfortunately, it won’t work for you and won’t recover anything. Three files can be restored as a test but only one file at a time.

You’ll need to obtain a registration key in order to get rid of all the restrictions.

Here’s what you get when you register:

  • more than three files can be recovered and saved;
  • more than one file at a time can be restored and saved;
  • full technical support by email;
  • free updates to any version 3.x.

How Do I Register Easy File Undelete?

You’ll need a registration key. It can be obtained here, on the purchase page:

This page can be accessed when you launch the program and hit the “Buy” button. After the purchase is processed, you’ll be sent a registration key to your email.

The key should best be entered when you start recovering your files. This is what you need to do:

  1. Copy the received key;

  2. Click on “Recover Files” (this button is available if you choose one or a couple of files for recovery);

  3. Paste your key to the registration window and hit “Next”.

As an alternative, you can enter the registration key if you go to the main menu and choose “Help” and then “Enter a registration key”.