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Easy FAT File Undelete

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Easy FAT File Undelete is a FAT32 undelete program that is an ideal choice for recovering deleted FAT files from different types of data carriers. This includes hard drives, flash drives and memory cards with FAT16 and FAT32 file systems. Nowadays these file systems are harder to come across and finding a program that works with them is an even harder task. Even if the storage device has been formatted or the operating system has been reinstalled, there’s a chance that Easy FAT File Undelete can help.

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The developers have implemented a Raw Search technology into this FAT32 undelete program. It can recover FAT files even if the information about their size and location isn’t available anymore. That’s exactly what brings the quality of recovery close to a data recovery specialist’s manual restoration. More than that, Raw Search recognizes 92 types of files.

The scanning speed is enhanced thanks to the optimized search algorithm and there are two options to choose from: fast or complete search. The former helps to save time in some cases.

Easy FAT File Undelete can be used on any Windows OS, starting with Windows 2000, the main requirement is for the partition that needs data recovery to be in FAT16 or FAT32 file system. This FAT32 undelete program’s easy and user-friendly interface can be used even by someone who’s not very familiar with computer in general.

It’s very important to make sure the program works on particular files before purchasing. In order to do that, the drive should be scanned for data. When the scan is finished, the files that need to be recovered should be seen in the preview. If they are visible, the program will help and the only thing left to do it to hit the “Buy” button and forget the question how to recover deleted FAT files once and for all.


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The camera belongs to my son, and he accidentally pressed the "delete all" button when making room for some more pictures. He was really upset to have lost all his holiday pictures, and some pictures of a big job he did in Paris, but thanks to your program I have managed to recover almost all the pictures for him.

Kevin Twyman

I no longer have any problems with deleted files since I use this fantastic program! Before I tested many different programs which found no single deleted file or they found a few for which I was not looking for because I deleted them with the standard secure mode of the Total Commander.

Partially this programs where running over an hour but found nothing. :-(

But your program runs just about a minute on my 320 GB drive and found about 1.500 deleted files and among this the 1.400 for us important pictures of our children. After a few minutes all missed pictures were restored!


Reiner Block, Feba Software

A short while ago I set out to find a good program that could undelete files after the Recycle Bin had been cleared. I downloaded many programs and tried them on several different systems (e.g. different disk sizes, FAT and NTFS, etc). Your program Easy File Undelete is excellent, and it was the best program that I tested. It is well designed, simple to use, fast and very effective. I am very happy to recommend it to anyone who needs to recover lost files.

David Ayre, Interaction Designer, Nelson, New Zealand

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