Online Help How to register Easy Drive Data Recovery

How to register Easy Drive Data Recovery

Why Should Easy Drive Data Recovery be registered?

For your convenience MunSoft has released a trial version of the program that shows the possibility of data recovery before the purchase. With the help of a special preview you can see the files that you intend to recover, as well as their structure and contents. It is mandatory for the files to be displayed correctly. This means that if the files cannot be seen, then there’s no way then can be recovered. In order to make the right decision and see if the files can be recovered and to make a test recovery of three files of your choice, the trial version is at your service.

If you want to get the fully functional copy of the program, you’ll need to register.

The advantages of registering the program:

  • unlimited number of files can be recovered;
  • no annoying registration reminders;
  • free tech support by email;
  • free updates to 3.x versions.

What Needs to Be Done to Register Easy Drive Data Recovery?

You’ll need a registration key that you can get after buying the program. Follow this link:

After pressing the “Buy” button and and following the instructions, you’ll need to pay for the program. After the payment is processed, you’ll get a registration key to your email. That key should be entered into the program’s registration window.

Here’s what you should do to enter the key correctly:

  1. Copy the key from your email;

  2. Launch the program;

  3. Close “File Search Wizard”;

  4. Go to Main Menu, press “Help” and then “Enter the registration key”;

  5. Paste the key and press “OK”.