Online Help How to register Easy Digital Photo Recovery

How to register Easy Digital Photo Recovery

Why Should I Register Easy Digital Photo Recovery?

Easy Digital Photo Recovery has the demo version. This means that you can also view deleted images in the program window, but if you decide to save them to disk, then you should register your copy of the program with us.

Registered version benefits:

  • saving the recovered images to disk is available;
  • no reminders that the version is unregistered;
  • customer support;
  • free upgrade to any minor version 2.x.

How to register Easy Digital Photo Recovery?

You need a registration key to register Easy Digital Photo Recovery. To get a registration key, you will have to pay for a license for the program here:

After you pay for the license, we will send you to your e-mail address the registration key you will have to enter in the registration page.

To enter the registration key in the registration page, do the following:

  1. Copy the registration key received by e-mail to the clipboard.

  2. Paste the registration key from the clipboard into the registration page and click “Next” button.