MunSoft Easy Mail Recovery Online Help Tab "Folders"

Tab "Folders"

The “Folders” tab is used to view messages a la Windows Explorer.

The folder structure matches the contents of the message database.

The “recovered messages” folder contains messages which could not be assigned to any e-mail database, as well as deleted messages. The “recovered contacts” and “recovered notes” folders play similar roles.

The Message List displays messages from the folder chosen in the “Folders” tab.

Sort the message list by the name of the sender or recipient, subject, date, or size in order to find the message you need in the folder. Click with the left mouse button on the top of the column which you wish you sort. Clicking again with the mouse will change the direction of sorting.

In order to select all messages in a folder or deselect them, use the folder's checkbox in the folder tree to the left.

Use preview in order to evaluate a recovered message or find one that you need.