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Easy Drive Data Recovery: Data Recovery Software

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Easy Drive Data Recovery is a data recovery software product, aimed at data recovery of deleted or otherwise lost files that haven’t been damaged. Formatting hard drives, system reinstalling, breaking the flash drives can be the reason of losing data. In any of these cases Easy Drive Data Recovery can provide one of the top data recovery software solutions on the market. It incorporates a special algorithm, called Raw Search, which allows searching for almost a 100 file types and the program works with all types of storage devices, as long as they are recognized.  More Info

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Guys, your software worked very good! I recovered all my files successfully. It took too much time, though. Seven hours for analyzing the disk and 8 hs for recovering the data. I had a 120 GB recovery. I don´t know if that was timely manner but in the end...which was my main concern, I had my data recovered. Thank you very much.

Carlos Rafael Techera Bouchacourt

I think this is worthwhile product. You should really check this out.

Michael Ellefson

With your software, I recovered 98% of my data (mainly photos that I really wanted). Easy Drive Data Recovery has succeeded where other programs remained sterile. Thank you very much and continue to also create good products.

Francois Meuniera